What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or device when you visit our website. It is not possible to directly identify a specific person through cookies. We use cookies to ensure the proper functioning of this website.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are used to improve the functionality of your visits to our website. They can be used to memorize various page settings and preferences. For example, language selection, color preferences, subpages visited, and gathering analytics information for traffic analysis. They allow us to find relevant information about the use of our website and to analyze the results of advertising campaigns.

However, we do not collect any personal data using cookies. Only the unique user ID is stored so that some settings can be retrieved when the user visits again. Cookies are anonymous and are not used for any purpose other than that specified.

Checking and deleting cookies

You can control cookies at your own discretion. Most browsers have settings that allow you to delete or reject cookies. This option is at your discretion, but we must notify you that if you decline or delete cookies, some of the services and features provided on the Website may not function properly. For more information about the cookie settings in your browser and their use in general, visit aboutcookies.org.

Save time

Cookies can be stored on your device for various lengths of time. Some cookies are deleted from the device when you close the browser window, others remain stored in the browser even after it is closed, for example, so that the previous settings can be used automatically the next time you visit.

Types of cookies

Necessary cookies

The necessary cookies run in order to properly ensure the functionality of the website. This means, for example, user login, correct display of content, storage of goods in the basket, security services for the protection of the website and the like.

Google recaptcha – protection of parts of the site from automated robots - privacy here

Google fonts – a service that ensures the availability of the selected font within the design of the website - privacy here

Font awesome – a service ensuring the availability of graphic icons / images within the design of the website - privacy here

Shopping cart - ensure that the contents of the shopping cart are paired with the user

Language selection - save information about the selected user language

Technical cookies

Technical cookies provide site functions that are not necessary, but they add some features to the website that improve and simplify its use.

Youtube – displaying videos from youtube on the website - privacy here

Facebook - a platform that allows you to share a page and other content on the Facebook platform using the share buttons - privacy

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are used to collect data about website traffic, the information you search for most often and how you behave on the website, so that it is possible to analyze the appearance and settings of the website for better use.

Google Analytics –  an analytical tool for obtaining anonymous traffic data - privacy here

Advertising cookies

They are used to display personalized ads, analyze visitor behavior when serving ads, and use ads.

Google Ads – advertising service for PPC advertising in Google search engine and partner sites - privacy here